The Kickstarter for Path Entanglement, has launched. The first 40 people can pre-order the book for only $25! A savings of $10! 

Path Entanglement, is an art & poetry book. It features a unique style of art, information on that style, and original poetry. 

How To I pledge:

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Quantum Paint is subset series from Path Entanglement.  Like Path Entanglement, the designs, for this subset series, are heavily influenced by philosophy, human interactions, and science. Quantum Paint is a set of seven mixed-media, texture paintings, each representing a color from the rainbow, and a concept from quantum physics. They are an interweaving of art and science instigated by the fantasy of quantum paint.

"We become entangled through various types of interactions. If entangled, we cannot be fully described without considering the other. Such is Artist, and Observer."
- Crystal Edwards



Canvas-less (off-the-canvas) paintings is a mixed-media, texture series that is a break away, an evolution from Path Entanglement.  The paintings are created free from a canvas, with gesso, yarn, acrylic paint and other material.  These paintings challenge the concept of “painting.”  Due to its nature, a Canvas-less painting can evoke a different look or emotion depending on its surroundings, method of display, (hung on the wall, or suspended) and the observer’s point of view.


Flight of Whimsy paintings is a mixed-media series that incorporate feathers and paint. This work is intended to insight fun, bring out joy and to inspire the imagination.  While life does have its darker, more serious side, it is also about joy, fun, and imagination. It’s these qualities of life that give hope, strengthens the individual, and makes life worth living. With these paintings, I want to bring this side of life; this side of art back to the public’s mind, and into our lives.